Union drive: Uber, Lyft drivers rally for right to unionize | Boston Herald

Kyle DeLegge has spent his weekends for the past five years working as a part-time Uber driver, often bringing riders to Logan Airport and other Boston destinations.

While on the job, which serves as a side hustle, DeLegge said he has seen his working conditions deteriorate and pay lessen.

“They keep chopping away,” he said, “You put a lot of time in. It is exhausting because you’re paying attention to the road, you want a great ride for the rider.”

He and roughly 140 other Uber and Lyft drivers from across Massachusetts rallied outside of an Uber office in Saugus on Wednesday, urging state lawmakers to pass the Rideshare Drivers Justice Bill.

The legislative package, filed in January, would go a long way in addressing what the drivers say is unfair treatment – low pay, and few workplace protections – by providing them with the ability to unionize.

DeLegge said Uber often takes the rider’s side when there’s a complaint against the driver. He has received several complaints, which he did not describe, and another would jeopardize his job, he said.

“At the end of the day, why we are all here is because Uber doesn’t support the drivers. It’s all about the money,” DeLegge said. “That’s what we’re fighting for here today: our due process, our fair wages, and when we’re deactivated having our say in what happened.”

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