Rideshare Drivers Rally At Uber Headquarters In Saugus |WBZ News Radio

Massachusetts rideshare drivers joined labor activists for a rally in Saugus Wednesday in the middle of a heated ongoing fight for unionization.

A caravan of over 100 Uber and Lyft drivers drove from Lynn to Uber headquarters in Saugus, demanding their need for a union and sharing stories about the loss of income after being unfairly deactivated from the platform.

“We want fair pay, we want fair working conditions, we want to end unfair deactivation,” said D. Beth Griffith, Executive Director of the Boston Independent Drivers Guild.

The rally comes as two new rideshare driver bills make their way through the Massachusetts House and Senate. The Rideshare Drivers Justice Bill (HD 2071 and SD 1162) would pursue collective bargaining rights across rideshare companies, and would guarantee a minimum wage, paid sick leave, workers’ compensation, and other benefits.

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