Massachusetts Rideshare Drivers Fight for Improved Legal Protections | Jurist

Recent years have marked the ascendancy of the ridesharing industry in Massachusetts. Companies like Uber and Lyft have expanded, now controlling the multi-million industry in the state, according to recently published reports. But drivers, who are a vital part of this market, are not satisfied; increasingly, a chorus of drivers are complaining they are not receiving their fair share of the market — not to mention the inequitable working rules and conditions.

But the drivers have recently proposed legislative solutions that could help in addressing some of these problems.

The first bill, which is backed by unions, aims to classify drivers as full-time employees. This bill was motivated by a lawsuit filed by Maura Healy, the state general attorney, who argued that ridesharing companies have taken advantage of drivers by misclassifying them as independent contractors to avoid paying them basic benefits such as healthcare insurance, unemployment insurance, and anti-retaliation protection

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